Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vrock commission in progress pt. 1

Quick photo of the final drawing ready for paint. Still have to finish painting the stone on the frame. I've been thinking about this piece for the last couple years and finally came up with a decent sketch a couple months back. It took some time to get all my reference together so I painted the boarder and worked on the drawing in stages. The archer will eventually have tattoos on his face at the end of the painting process.

The swift and deadly warrior armed with a bow and arrow is defending himself from vicious Vrocks. With an unbelievable rate of fire the Vrocks are no match. In the dark cavern, a blue stone mounted to his bow illuminates his way through orange, jagged terrain.

Stay tuned for the final painting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vrock maquette reference

My Vrock reference maquette out of the oven and ready for paint. Finally getting around to posting some photos and info.
A close up shot of a section of my current commission in progress on canvas.
After the acrylic paint, I varnished some areas and took some photos for reference and for the blog.
The Vrock body. It is picture hanging wire twisted together and foil underneath the clay. I came up with the idea of leaving the joints exposed so I could maneuver the limbs. It's around a foot tall. There's more than one Vrock in the painting so instead of constructing a few small models, I built one that could move into different positions. I also made separate hands and claws. Crude but it'll serve its purpose. The scene takes place in a small cavern so I built extremely small stalactites and stalagmites out of clay as well. I'm finishing up the drawing and plan to post a photo early next week. Long process but it'll help the painting in the end.