Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nature......of the Beast.

Section of my new portfolio piece on gessoed illustration board. This is 15" x 20" and will be in oil. I'll be gearing most of my future artwork towards companies I want to work for.

I still have to build some crude reference maquettes, etc. before painting. During this process (or any process) it's helpful to surround yourself with great work. Visiting blogs, looking through books, etc. I plan on visiting a local museum alone for a whole day sometime to absorb and collect thoughts. Though looking at amazing paintings honestly makes me doubt my own work, the inspiration is immeasurable, like don't forget to visit the outdoors every once in a while as well for whatever reason you choose. Pay attention to your surroundings and realize that you're not separated from the limitlessness of it all. It's beneficial not only to your work and others but also to yourself.

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