Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Piece.

Wow! 2010 was quite a year! Had a baby girl, finally got my portfolio in order, Illuxcon just to name a few things. Here's the final drawing calling for some paint - 15" x 20" on gessoed illustration board. Took a while to create the reference maquettes but as always, it's worth the time and effort. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm gearing this piece (& the next several) towards companies that I'd enjoy working with. This will be in Oil. New year, new piece and it looks like on Saturday, a new age. Yikes! Good excuse to party :) Below are the mountains I created out of clay to use as reference.
The rocky maquettes after playing with the color, pushing it closer to my vision.
The original layout on tissue paper over a glass table, lit beneath with a flashlight and a simple lamp off to the right. Happy New Year!


  1. Oil on gessoed illo board, Nice! I plan on trying that soon as well. Dan highly recommends it. Soon, very soon:)

  2. I've only painted one piece so far on illustration board with an acrylic under painting. I was happy with the result. This time it's all oil. Going to be fun. Thanks for the comment and happy painting!