Monday, May 16, 2011

"Eowyn and the Nazgul" 15" x 20" Acrylic/Oil

The Final drawing before some changes during the painting process.
The final painting for The ArtOrder Challenge depicting a scene from the Lord of the Rings. Acrylic/Oil on gessoed illustration board. This is my personal vision although it would be a lie to say I wasn't influenced by the movie and past paintings of this scene by other artists. It was definitely an intense challenge with the time frame, adjustment issues during the painting process and everyday life but I'm happy with the results. I photographed reference for the Nazgul and Eowyn. I adjusted the weird tangent between Eowyn's hand and the frame(which I noticed deep into the process) with a spontaneous angled tree. Unfortunately I only had time to use my kneaded eraser for the beast reference (head wings and neck). It gave me enough information to work from. I had the most fun with the spontaneous marble frame, the sparks from the slashing sword, the dirt flying off the mace and a few other areas.

There are so many talented artist submitting to this challenge and I wish them all the best. Thanks to Tolkien, all the artists involved, judges, Jon Schindehette for creating this challenge and Openimagestudio for photographing my piece. Hope you all enjoy it!Link


  1. wow that's really beautiful. your armor designs are awesome

  2. Thanks Bernadette! Hope all is cool with you and your art.