Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Illuxcon 4, 2011

Illuxcon was once again an eye opening, mind blowing experience. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to attend and display my work two years in a row. Hopefully, I'll be going back next year. Speaking with the artists, being surrounded by so much of their amazing work is truly inspiring. It definitely makes me realize how much there is to learn, how much growth I have in myself and my art.

Two of my paintings sold which lead me to some commission work that I'm currently creating. Many thanks to Paul & LizAnn Lizotte and to Greg Obaugh for enjoying my work enough to purchase it! I had the opportunity to meet Zoe Robinson from Fantasy Flight Games and Lauren LinkPanepinto from Orbit Books. I also had a portfolio review with Jon Schindehette, Art Director for D&D. Thanks for your time and advice guys!

The Event was held in Altoona, PA. from Thursday, Nov. 3 to Sunday, Nov. 6. Thursday was the Main Show set up and opening. The artwork was on display through Sunday. Friday after the show, I attended the Showcase held in the Ramada Ballroom which was pretty incredible. The Aftershow party in Grant Cooley, Michael & Paul Bielaczyc's room is always a blast. Too many double scotches on the rocks from the bar before hand for me though :) Thanks guys!
The Saturday Award Ceremony/Music Jam was at the Ramada Ballroom this year. I decided to perform a song I wrote for my little daughter for the 1st time live. I also jammed "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles with Mark Zug and Alan Pollack. Thanks to Mark Zug and everyone involved! I wish I had video of the Jam and more pics of the entire experience but here are a few below. Trust me, if you've never been to Illuxcon you need to attend. Pat & Jeannie Wilshire, I'll never be able to thank you both enough for what you've created and what you've done for my life.
LinkMy table at the Main Show. You can see more of my work on my website.
Alan Pollack painting away.
Steve Prescott's table. He lives in the same city but I never see him around!
Mark Poole's table. Glad I got to chat with him this year.
LinkLinkJoe Kovach's table. I rode up with him, Eric Fortune and Johnny Pham, an aspiring artist. Next to Joe is William O'connor.
John Jude Palencar's table.
Eric Velhagen's table and Tyler Jacobson.
Jeff Easley's table.
LinkJohn Harris All the way from Europe! Wish I could've seen his painting demo.
Thomas Kuebler next to one of his amazing sculptures. Turns out his wife went to the same high shcool I attended.
Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo's table. Link


  1. Great pics man! Congrats on the commission! I sent, you an email with the video that I got at the artist jam.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics and thank you for the comment and video email! I appreciate it!