Sunday, September 1, 2013

Parallel final and the rough road to it

I finally finished this painting. "Parallel" 12" x 16" - Oil. I started this piece earlier this year with the intentions of exploring textures and I ended up exploring a lot more than I wanted. Definitely a learning experience. I decided to approach this with some of it planned and some of it unplanned and it took me months to figure it out unfortunately. I spent hours and hours looking at this painting. Luckily I had some friend's eyes to critique it towards the end of the painting. It helped me push it along to the end. Below are in progress shots of a few of the stages. It was a rough road but I made it. 

The thumbnail rough I decided on.
The final drawing on board after adding some spontaneous meteorites or whatever they are :)
I decided to add some birds to make the piece more interesting.
I was going to keep the ground white but it needed some color.
The birds weren't interesting enough so I transformed them, shot them off to the heavens and added more color to the ground and the trail behind the figure. I also began pushing the asteroids back.
I pushed and pulled some other areas and finished it off. Here it is! I wish I could show everyone in person after the coats of gloss varnish I applied.
All framed up and ready to go for Illuxcon this year in Allentown, PA!

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