Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another piece in progress pt. 3

A few recent quick photos for you. I started this piece back in September of 2013. The last time I worked on it was back in March. At that time I worked a couple more thin layers of oil on this close up and the two below.
I've had a lot of things tugging me different ways in my life. Without getting into details I can't seem to get myself to figure this piece out and actually finish it. With a four year old girl and a new baby girl that's scheduled to arrive in July on top of everything else, I've decided I better try and devote more time towards finishing this painting.
I had plans long ago to push this face back in the atmosphere by painting it pale blue. I wanted to give her a possessed look. I then experienced something that made me want to keep it like this. Plus I worked a lot on getting the face to this point anyway. None of the painting is completely done but it's getting closer little by little. I'm hoping to have the entire painting posted on here and my website within the next few weeks. You can view the "another piece in progress pt. 1" here and pt. 2 here.

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