Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Tempting Tigers" 24" x 24" Oil

 Final drawing on board.
I took photos of the model last year before developing the concept of this piece. A little backwards but it works sometimes. Thanks again to Angie for posing. After I returned from Illuxcon back in September of 2013 I began sketching ideas. I started the final drawing on September 22, 2013 and I just finished about a week ago. I had a lot on my mind so I worked on it here and there for a year trying to figure it all out. Fulfilling yet draining simultaneously. I ended up adding a few elements that I didn't plan at the beginning which usually happens with me. The stuff that happens spontaneously is the fun part. For instance, the green vines and leaves. I just felt the piece needed it so I started flinging some green on there. At times I try not to think, just go at it. If it works, great! If I F*%k it up, I make it work. I'm good with the outcome and I'm ready to move forward as I'm sure you can imagine. 

It was not an easy task photographing this piece and adjusting it on the computer to match the original as close as possible. I probably spent roughly five hours all together just in that process trying to figure it out. The good news is that I learned some new things on the computer. It would be nice to have five new paintings under my belt but hey, I'd rather have one good quality painting than five S^#@y ones on my hands. Quality vs quantity folks! At least I hope this is a good quality painting? Unfortunately, I wasn't at Illuxcon 7 this year but maybe this will be on display/for sale at Illuxcon 8 with a few more new ones? We'll see where life takes me.


  1. Hope you do have some more at Illuxcon this year!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog Tim! Unfortunately, I won't be attending Illuxcon this year. I had another daughter in 2014 and decided to take some time off. Kids are a handful :) Cheers!