Monday, March 28, 2016

"Faith" 6" x 8" Acrylic/Oil

Drawing in progress. I didn't have solid plans for this piece which is rare. I usually do a few concept sketches and get some reference material together before I even start the final drawing. I was tired of thinking and just wanted to go with the flow. I knew I wanted some random shapes at least so I began drawing. At one point I incorporated faces of creatures but it wasn't working. Then I tried some eyes but I tossed that idea as well.

Here's the final drawing before I later established a cross symbol idea as you'll see below.

I applied acrylic layers of yellow and brown. I didn't intend to turn it red but it happened. Seeing that color made me want to add a powerful symbol to contrast the flowing background. Eventually I decided on a cross. You can see the faint outline on the right photo. I thought it would appear more interesting if I brought the sides to a sharp point.

After a couple layers of oil here. I was still wondering how it was all going to end up.

I had no idea I'd be painting a cross. Considering I had no solid plans in the beginning I'm satisfied with the outcome. I finished it on Easter night and spent most of that weekend stuck in the studio but I got in some family time. Whether you believe in God or not is none of my concern. I'm not endorsing either side but having faith in anything that keeps you positively evolving in this crazy world isn't a bad thing. You have the freedom to choose what makes you happy. 

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