Friday, December 4, 2009

Piece in progress 22" x 30"

After several sketches, many thoughts and a few days of drawing, I finally arrived at this point. This is gessoed illustration board. I'm planning on painting in acrylic or doing an acrylic under painting and finishing it with oil. The original will be donated to an art auction fundraiser for breast cancer in 2010. The women's hair will be turning into the universe. There will be a few elements added in the painting process and I'm planning on making minor adjustments as far as any weird tangencies. I didn't plan on the inside border. It just happened and it feels right. I'd like to complete this by January and I'm looking forward to framing it. I really want to raise awareness and money for the cause. I'm still thinking of a title :)


  1. Gorgeous! There's so much expressive emotion in the figure.

  2. Thanks so much Angela! Sorry I didn't make it to the show. Congratulations on selling your pieces :) Awesome!