Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Unification" Framed!

Finally had this framed! This is my breast cancer donation piece I finished on Feb. 1st. It will be an online auction. I bought a custom frame and had it assembled at Michaels. No glass though, too risky. Had to wait a few days for it to arrive before I took my artwork in but it took only a half hour and they do a good job. All I have to do is either find a box to buy or make my own before shipping it out to California tomorrow, in one piece :)


  1. Have you considered plexiglass? It's cheap, and will suffice for protection. Really nice piece; I know it's gotta be doubly lovely, in person!

  2. Thanks! I considered plexiglass but eventually decided on letting the buyer choose. I'm protecting it with layers of foam, cardboard, etc. before shipping. Thanks again!