Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Anticoagulant" 9" x 16" Oil

First time applying gesso with a palette knife on watercolor paper. I think I'd like it better on a different surface but it's the only thing I had in the studio to create a piece with at the time.
The final drawing. Not the most detailed but I knew I'd be basically throwing paint over it for the feel I wanted to achieve.
I have found through experimenting a couple times that it's not so easy painting with loose brush strokes. It takes a lot of focus and effort to make things look effortless. Painting in that free state of mind was my goal with this piece. Look at the blue in the middle of the top photo. That's one brush stroke, one. When I did that I knew that that was it. It was intense. Effortless effort. Can't say much for the rest of the painting. Lol!
One morning I awoke with a vision in my head. A bit foggy but similar to this. I wanted it to be a simple but strong design that hopefully no one has ever thought of creating. Originally I thought I could get it to work with simple shapes, triangles, circles, etc. My first attempt at this piece was a learning experience/failure so I threw the canvas aside. I still wanted simplicity in my second attempt. A dark mass, glowing eyes, two red lines running down a light back ground. Unfortunately the texture of the canvas doesn't show very well in the photo. The first bat creature I painted wanted to take you out for milk and cookies. This creature wants to suck your soul with whiskey. Think I achieved something here? The third and final painting in my "October series". Eventually they'll be up for sale, varnished, framed or unframed. Enjoy the rest of October!

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