Friday, February 6, 2015

Learning from experimentation

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I'm guilty of focusing elsewhere. A while back I visited the Columbus Museum of Art by myself. Something I haven't done since my college days. I was inspired to do this piece after seeing some paintings that caught my attention by Paul-Henri Bourguignon (1906 - 1988). After thinking about it for a while I finally got to it.

I intended to use this canvas for something else down the road. All of my prep work to make it smooth was wasted because I ended up basically throwing paint on it. I studied a couple of Paul's paintings up close for a while. I'm not certain of his technique and I didn't bother researching. I suspect that he sometimes used a similar approach that I'm experimenting with for the first time in this video. I'm not here to copy his work or duplicate his technique exactly. That's not what I'm about. This is simply a release, a lesson in learning from experimentation.

I guess it would be similar to me trying to figure out how Jimi Hendrix got a particular sound and just experimenting with some equipment he possibly used and not playing his songs exactly, which can be damn near impossible anyways. I'm not huge on covering songs although, it can be a good learning experience. Don't get me wrong here, it's fun. I've done it but it's kind of like painting someone else's painting and maybe throwing in a couple different elements. Write your own songs, paint your own pieces, create your own dishes or whatever!

I know we're all influenced but ultimately, I'm interested in seeing how you're affected by it. Can you feel the energy that surrounds you, that's deep within you? Can you take the energy that you're apart of and focus it to create something original that inspires others in a positive way? can.

My apologies if this video is pixelated. I used a high quality camera and the actual file is crispy but the uploaded version is showing up horrible on my computer. Not exactly sure why?

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